Digitize your FTTH deployments with Antala

Nae's cloud solution ensures quick commercialization and mutualization of your potential customers in fiber-to-the-home network deployments

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What is Antala?

Antala is a cloud solution for the correct inventory of FTTH deployments that we have developed at Nae, based on more than 10 years of experience and a deep knowledge of the best practices in FTTH deployment management, as well as mutualization processes for the leading operators in Spain.

Antala allows ensuring the quality of deployment, including BQA flows, as well as the quality of inventoried data through validations and automatic checks against other operator systems. In this way, operational costs can be substantially reduced both in the provisioning phase and in the network sharing phase, and transition from built network survey to coverage deployment in a matter of minutes.

Main Features

Antala allows for the real-time registration and auditing of critical information for the deployment of an FTTH network, addressing challenges such as scalability and data quality.

Footprint Survey

Registration of household addresses and generation of influence areas.


Automatic generation of GESCAL code according to the standard.

CTOs Management

Registration of boxes and associated photos, port configuration, and status management.

Synchronization Tests

Connectivity test against the OLT to ensure quality and register network resources.

Quality Control - BQA

Management of audits on delivered built network. GIS validations.

Mutualization Management

Generation of coverage and plotting files. Sharing control.

Digital Deployment Solutions

Orange, Grupo MásMóvil, Vodafone, Lyntia, and Onivia are some of the clients who already trust in our tools developed for FTTH deployment management.

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Solution Benefits

Antala maximizes productivity in FTTH network deployment, reducing operational costs both in the deployment phase and in the subsequent network operation.

Designed by our FTTH network deployment experts

Flexible multi-device access based on roles

API for integration with OSS/BSS

Available integrations with NMS and GIS

Modular scalable and secure SaaS solution

Customizable PowerBI dashboards

Pre-configured. Setup in a few weeks

Android application for fieldwork

  • Android application for fieldwork

  • Flexible multi-device access based on roles

  • Simple and tailored to business needs

  • Customizable PowerBI dashboards

"Antala has proven to be a crucial component in our FTTH network deployment process. The tool has provided us with detailed, real-time insight into every milestone, from the initial survey to final acceptance, ensuring the quality of data necessary for service marketing, while also reducing Time to Market and incidents in later phases of network provisioning and operation. In short, Antala has become an indispensable ally for the success of our fiber deployments."

Rafael Avendaño Network Strategy & Engineering Manager en Onivia